Un Terroir d'exception

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Vacqueyras Plan Vacqueyras Plan
Route Plan
vacqueyras garrigues vacqueyras garrigues
Cabine garrigue Couleur
Suzette Suzette
dentelles de montmirail dentelles de montmirail
Dentelles Back
vacqueyras plaine vacqueyras plaine
Cairanne Cairanne
Cairanne Coucher Soleil
Beaume de Venise Beaume de Venise
vignes mauves vignes mauves
Vignes plan Mauve
Vacqueyras Village Vacqueyras Village
Vacq Village
vins de vacqueyras vins de vacqueyras
Vacq Vins

Our Terroir :

Situated at the feet of majestic « Dentelles de Montmirail » the picturesque village of Vacqueyras is a favored place where the various meridional vines, Syrah, Mourvedre, Cinsault, white Grenache and Clairette grow.
The wines were given the rank of “Cru” of the Cotes du Rhone wine s thanks to the impetus of quality development in the vines since the XV century. Today, the strict production rules are perpetuated:

- A poor argillaceous, limestone soil mixed with round stones.
- Vine types of quality.
- Mediterranean climate suited to the optimal maturity of grapes.
- Limited yield (35 hl/ha) which allows the making of concentrated aromatics and strong wines.
We are established at the heart of these exceptional lands since 1717.For almost 3 centuries we have been making and maturing wines in our caves which are dug into the old walls of the town. We continue to work in the great tradition of our ancestors.